When people ask me to say what my style of painting is , I say that I paint colours.

My Paintings


The most important thing for me is the sensation of colours, followed by the forms that will serve the sensations, and  lastly the subject and the title which will sum up the whole picture ….

My Paintings with Texts


Reinforcing the message in a drawing, or to explain the picture with a text, contributes to increasing the degree of sharing and intimacy between you and me .

My Sculptures

Rebelle- Terre cuite-1000g-10x16x18cm

To shape or  to mold is such a pleasure ! Forms pop up from my hands and live their own lifes. How this physical creation arrives is a puzzle for me and challenges me.

My Omyagues


These splashes of colours, abstract for the most, questioning and challengeing, turn to a reflexion about the sense of these forms…

I  hope that you have  as much pleasure looking  at my creations as I have had creating them.