“Omyagues” means “souvenirs” in Japanese. I was so happy to live in Japan for 3 years. Such an incredible and unforgettable experience. Japan is more than a country. It is like another planet, far away from occidental codes with which we live here in France.

Fan form, rectangular or round

Those visual works are created on japanese supports, like a palette of souvenirs from a period of life, where time and spaces were different, where everythink is different .You suddenly feel like a baby, because arriving in Japan, you can’t read, you can’t write, you can’t talk the language. So it is time to discover how non-verbal communication is important, as well as some emotional expressions like  smiling…or art.

Orginally, these canvases are used for calligraphy of ideograms or patterns often linked to nature. Ink work was one of the subjects I studied over there. I preferred to work on these canvases with water-colour markers, so that I could use more colours, Japanese calligraphies use only red and black.